Business / Finance / H: An aggressive portfolio manager who makes risky investments, typically in margin accounts, in search of high returns.

Cri-Du-Chat Syndrome

Science / Genetics / Cri-Du-Chat Syndrome: A chromosomal condition (monosomy 5p). Name comes from the distinctive mewing cry of affected infants: characterized by significant mental deficiency, low birthweight, failure to thrive and short stat MORE

American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA)

Entertainment / Video Games / American Amusement Machine Association (AAMA): Represents the manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of the coin-operated amusement industry (arcade games, jukeboxes, pinball, etc.). Supports the AMOA trade show. MORE

Megahertz (MHz)

Technology / Computers / Megahertz (MHz): A unit of measurement indicating the frequency of one million cycles per second. MORE


Technology / Computers / Hyper-Threading: (HTT = Hyper Threading Technology) is Intel's trademark for their implementation of the simultaneous multithreading technology on the Pentium 4 microarchitecture. It is basically a more advanced form MORE

Gene Chip Technology

Science / Genetics / Gene Chip Technology: Development of cdna microarrays from a large number of genes. Used to monitor and measure changes in gene expression for each gene represented on the chip. MORE


Health / Massage / Quantum-Touch: This hands-on healing method offers spontaneous adjusting of proper alignment of the body. Principles behind Quantum-Touch involve resonance, intention, attention, breath, and innate body intelligence MORE