Business / Finance / Handle: Heavy selling of stocks by speculators who think that the stock is overvalued and is about to drop.

Other Words for Handle

Handle Verb Synonyms: steer, control, manage, cope with, maneuver, manipulate
Handle Adverb Synonyms: grip, hilt, handgrip, haft, helve
Handle Noun Synonyms: manage, run, operate, direct, administer, supervise, oversee, control, command, guide


Business / Agriculture / Handler: Generally, the first buyer of a farmer’s commodity destined for fresh market use (in contrast to processing). Under marketing orders, handlers are defined as anyone who receives the commodity from p MORE

Event Handler

Technology / Programming / Event Handler: An event handler is called when a certain event happens. In processing applications, the mousemoved() method is an example of an event handler. In an of application, the receivedsound() method is an e MORE

Ball Handler

Entertainment / Basketball / Ball Handler: Player controlling the ball; can also mean a player known for skillful handling of the ball. MORE

Dry To Handle

Life Style / Painting / Dry To Handle: That stage of drying when a paint film has hardened sufficiently so the object or surface painted may be used without marring. MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Puck-Handler: The player currently in possession of the puck. MORE

Handle The Camera

Technology / Digital Cameras / Handle The Camera: Try before you buy. MORE