Hard Currency

Business / Finance / Hard Currency: A capital budget that under no circumstances can be violated.

Other Words for Hard

Hard Verb Synonyms: rigid, stiff, solid, inflexible, firm, dense, condensed, compressed, close, solidified, hardened, stony, rocklike, concrete, petrified, granite(-like), flinty, steely, tough, rugged, leathery, callous, unyielding, adamant(ine), impenetrable, obdurate
Hard Adjective Synonyms: difficult, perplexing, knotty, puzzling, baffling, enigmatic, intricate, complicated, complex, tangled, involved, thorny, incomprehensible, inscrutable, unsolvable, insoluble, tough
Hard Adverb Synonyms: intently, carefully, earnestly


Entertainment / Golf / Hardpan: Very firm, unyielding ground (many times bare) MORE

Hardship Withdrawal

Business / Taxes / Hardship Withdrawal: A hardship withdrawal, also known as a hardship distribution, occurs when you take money out of your 401(k) or other qualified retirement savings plan to cover pressing financial needs. You must quali MORE

Hardness Tests

Business / Machine Shop / Hardness Tests: Tests to measure the hardness of metals. MORE


Life Style / Painting / Hardness: The level of pressure a material will withstand without becoming deformed or scratched. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Hardening: A heat-treating process for steel which increases its hardness and tensile strength and reduces its ductility. MORE


Technology / Computers / Hardware: These are the physical items including your computer and floppy discs. MORE