Harmless Warrant

Business / Finance / Harmless Warrant: Actual separate payments made by a customer for services, including research, provided by a brokerage firm. Antithesis of soft dollars.

Other Words for Harmless

Harmless Verb Synonyms: benign, innocuous, inoffensive, gentle, mild, innocent, safe, non-toxic, non-poisonous, non-venomous

Other Words for Warrant

Warrant Noun Synonyms: writ, order, affidavit, paper, document, credential, permit, entitlement, license, permit, summons, subpoena, mandate, decree, fiat, edict, ukase
Warrant Verb Synonyms: authorization, sanction, reason, justification, approval, validation, license, right, certification, entitlement, grounds, cause, rationale, basis, assurance, carte blanche, guarantee, pledge, security, charter, warranty


Business / Finance / Warrant: The interim holding period from the time of the closing of a loan to its subsequent marketing to capital market investors. MORE

Subscription Warrant

Business / Finance / Subscription Warrant: The right of current shareholders of a corporation to buy newly issued shares before they are available to the public. MORE

Special Warranty Deed

Business / Real Estate / Special Warranty Deed: A deed in which the grantor warrants or guarantees the title only against defects arising during the period of his or her tenure and ownership of the property and not against defects existing before t MORE

Perpetual Warrants

Business / Finance / Perpetual Warrants: Warrants that have no expiration date. MORE


Business / Loan / Warranties: Statement attesting that certain statements are true. For instance, the borrower may warrant that it is a corporation, that it is entering into the agreement legally and that financial statements supp MORE


Business / Construction / Warranty: In construction there are two general types of warranties. One is provided by the manufacturer of a product such as roofing material or an appliance. The second is a warranty for the labor. For exampl MORE