Harvey, Campbell R.

Business / Finance / Harvey, Campbell R.: Often used in risk arbitrage. Antitrust act administered by U.S. Department of Justice and the FTC that requires an investor to file a form with the government before he acquires an economic interest in the lesser amount of $15 million or 15% of the capitaliation of a specific security. The government has thirty days to respond to the filer.

Mr. Irrelevant

Entertainment / Football / Mr. Irrelevant: The final player that is drafted within a class of draftees. MORE

Mr. (Or Mrs.) Average

Entertainment / Bowling / Mr. (Or Mrs.) Average: Facetious name for a bowler who doesn't show up, since his or her average is often used to compute team scoring. See also blind. MORE

Mr. Splitee

Entertainment / Baseball / Mr. Splitee: A split-fingered fastball. MORE