Business / Finance / Heavy: In technical analysis, a pattern that results where a stock price reaches a peak and declines; rises above its former peak and again declines; and rises a third time but not to the second peak, and then again declines. The first and third peaks are shoulders, while the second peak is the formation's head. Technical analysts generally consider a head and shoulders formation to be a very bearish indication.

Other Words for Heavy

Heavy Adjective Synonyms: weighty, ponderous, massive, massy, compact, dense

Heavy (Ball)

Entertainment / Tennis / Heavy (Ball): A ball hit with so much topspin that it feels 'heavy' when the opposing player strikes it. MORE

Heavy Water

Science / Chemistry / Heavy Water: Water that contains 2H, rather than 1H. Heavy water is about 11% denser than ordinary water. MORE

Heavy-Stress Rhyme

Entertainment / Literature / Heavy-Stress Rhyme: Another term for a masculine ending in a rhyme. MORE