Business / Finance / Highs: A bond with a long-term, high-premium, common stock conversion feature. It also offers a competitive interest rate. This type of investment vehicle is aimed at bond investors who want to be able to convert into stock to hedge against inflation.


Technology / Motorcycle / Highsiding: Highsiding occurs when the rider of a motorcycle is flipped over the handlebars of the bike. This most often occurs when the rider locks the rear brakes during a panic stop and then releases the brake MORE

Pump And Dump

Business / Taxes / Pump And Dump: In a pump and dump scheme, a scam artist manipulates the stock market by buying shares of a low-cost stock and then artificially inflating the price by spreading rumors, typically using the Internet a MORE

Economic Cycle

Business / Taxes / Economic Cycle: An economic cycle is a period during which a country’s economy moves from strength to weakness and back to strength. This pattern repeats itself regularly, though not on a fixed schedule. The length MORE

Magic Circle

Health / Pilates / Magic Circle: Magic CircleA simple isometric device comprising a flexible ring with handles. Can be used to firm the muscles of the upper arms, neck, and inner thighs (especially good for expectant mothers). In pla MORE

Medium Shot (MS)

Technology / Television (TV) / Medium Shot (MS): A framing that presents a moderately close view of an object or person. Conventionally, a TV medium shot of a person is from the thighs or knees up. Two common types of medium shots are the two shot a MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Subtropical: Refers to the portion of the temperate zone closest to the equator MORE