Business / Finance / Hold: A dealer who agrees to sell at the bid price quoted by another dealer is said to 'hit' that bid. Antithesis of take the offer.

Other Words for Hold

Hold Adjective Synonyms: hug, embrace, clasp, cradle, clench, clutch, enfold
Hold Noun Synonyms: grasp, grip, clasp, seize, clutch, keep, carry, hang on to
Hold Verb Synonyms: maintain, keep, put

Bank Holding Company

Business / Finance / Bank Holding Company: A company that owns or has controlling interest in two or more banks and/or other bank holding companies. MORE


Business / Taxes / Lienholder: A lienholder is the bank, finance company, credit union, other financial institution, or individual with whom you signed an agreement to borrow money using a particular asset, such as a car, as collat MORE

Freehold Estate

Business / Real Estate / Freehold Estate: An estate in land in which ownership is for an indeterminate length of time, in contrast to a leasehold estate. MORE


Health / Health Insurance / Withhold: A percentage of a provider's payment that is 'held back' during the plan year to offset or pay for any cost overruns for referral or hospital services. Any part of the withhold not used for these purp MORE

Poverty Thresholds

Business / Agriculture / Poverty Thresholds: For statistical purposes (e.g., counting the poor population), the Census Bureau uses a set of annual income levels - the poverty thresholds - slightly different than the federal poverty guidelines. A MORE

Policyholder Or Policy Owner

Business / Taxes / Policyholder Or Policy Owner: If you own an insurance contract or policy, you are a policyholder, also known as the policy owner. As a policyholder, you may also be the person covered by the policy — referred to as the insured MORE