Host Security

Business / Finance / Host Security: A bond issued to finance construction of a hospital by a municipal or state agency.

Other Words for Host

Host Adjective Synonyms: army, swarm, crowd, horde, multitude, throng, mob, pack, herd, troop, legion, body, assembly, assemblage, drove
Host Noun Synonyms: hostess, innkeeper, hotelier, hotel-keeper, hotelman, landlord or landlady, manager or manageress, proprietor or proprietress, publican

Other Words for Security

Security Verb Synonyms: safety, shelter, protection, fastness, refuge, safe keeping, sanctuary, asylum

Real Property Security

Business / Real Estate / Real Property Security: A guaranteed loan or a loan where the broker will assume payments. MORE

Primitive Security

Business / Finance / Primitive Security: An instrument such as a stock or bond for which payments depend only on the financial status of the issuer. MORE

Pass-Through Security

Business / Real Estate / Pass-Through Security: A security issued by the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae) to mortgage investors. Cash flows from the underlying block individual mortgage loans are passed through to the holders o MORE

Orthostatic-Postural Hypotension

Science / Psychiatry / Orthostatic-Postural Hypotension: Sometimes an early side effect when starting certain antipsychotics, characterised by low blood pressure which may cause dizziness and fainting after standing or sitting up quickly. MORE

Registered Security

Business / Finance / Registered Security: Used in the context of general equities. Securities whose owner's name is recorded on the books of the issuer or the issuer's agent, called a registrar. MORE

Restricted Security

Business / Taxes / Restricted Security: Restricted securities are stocks or warrants that you acquire privately, through stock options or a corporate merger, rather than by buying them in the open market. For example, you may receive restri MORE