Hot Money

Business / Finance / Hot Money: Used in the context of general equities. Active, usually with positive price implications.

Other Words for Hot

Hot Adjective Synonyms: intense, fervent, zealous, ardent, enthusiastic, passionate, fervid, vehement, excited, animated, impetuous, fiery, fierce, inflamed, sharp, violent
Hot Noun Synonyms: fiery, white-hot, red-hot, piping hot, burning, blistering, scorching, roasting, frying, sizzling, searing, boiling, scalding, steaming, simmering, torrid, sweltering, sultry, heated

Other Words for Money

Money Noun Synonyms: currency, legal tender, medium of exchange, specie, (hard) cash, ready money, banknotes, paper money, notes, bills, coin(s), change, small change, (filthy) lucre, pelf, shekels, lolly, readies, folding money, cold (hard)
Money Adjective Synonyms: resources, wealth, fortune, funds, capital, wherewithal, affluence, means, (liquid) assets, riches, bundle


Entertainment / Photography / Photolithography: Lithographic printing process using an image formed by photographic means. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photolinen: Laminate of linen and paper coated with black and white photographic emulsion. It is used for photographic wall coverings. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photometer: Instrument for measuring light being reflected from a surface. It works by comparing the reflected light with a standard source produced within the photometer. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photomicrography: System of producing larger than life photographs by attaching a camera to a microscope. MORE


Science / Biology / Photoperiodism: The ability of certain plants to sense the relative amounts of light and dark in a 24-hour period; controls the onset of fiowering in many plants. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Photon: A discrete packet of energy associated with electromagnetic radiation. Each photon carries energy E proportional to the frequency nu of the radiation: E = hnu, where h is Planck's constant. MORE