Business / Finance / Hubris: What is your market in a particular stock? See: Quotation.


Entertainment / Literature / Summa: A treatise, essay, or book that attempts to deal comprehensively with its topic, especially one that is meant to be the 'final word' on a subject. Although it may seem like hubris to modern readers to MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Tragedy: A serious play in which the chief character, by some peculiarity of psychology, passes through a series of misfortunes leading to a final, devastating catastrophe. According to Aristotle, catharsis is MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Hamartia: A term from Greek tragedy that literally means 'missing the mark.' Originally applied to an archer who misses the target, a hamartia came to signify a tragic flaw, especially a misperception, a lack o MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Arête: The Greek term arête implies a humble and constant striving for perfection and self-improvement combined with a realistic awareness that such perfection cannot be reached. As long as an individual st MORE

Frankenstein Motif

Entertainment / Literature / Frankenstein Motif: A motif in which a created being turns upon its creator in what seems to be an inevitable fashion. The term comes from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, a nineteenth-century novel in which Victor Frankenst MORE