Business / Finance / I: In banking, refers to the commitment of property to secure a loan. In securities, refers to the commitment of securities to serve as collateral for margin loans at the broker-dealer firm.

Hybrid Financing

Business / Real Estate / Hybrid Financing: Mixing forms of conventional financing to create a new approach. MORE

Play-Action Pass

Entertainment / Football / Play-Action Pass: A passing play after the quarterback has faked a hand-off. MORE

Pistol Formation

Entertainment / Football / Pistol Formation: A hybrid version of the shotgun in which the quarterback lines up about 3 yards behind the center and the running back lines up directly behind the quarterback. MORE

NFL Championship

Entertainment / Football / NFL Championship: The game held from 1933 through 1965 to decide the champion of professional football; renamed the Super Bowl in 1966. MORE

Restraining Line

Entertainment / Football / Restraining Line: A team's respective line of scrimmage at a free kick, the line the ball is to be kicked from (for the kicking team), or a line 10 yards in advance of that (for the receiving team) MORE


Entertainment / Football / Center-Eligible: A trick play (made famous by the film M*A*S*H[citation needed]) wherein at the snap, the entire offensive line is to one side of the center so that he is on the end and therefore is an eligible receiv MORE