Business / Finance / In-House: Tax form required to determine the amount of state tax due on an inheritance.

In-Company-In-House Counseling

Business / Human Resources (HR) / In-Company-In-House Counseling: An EAP program which is conducted by a trained professional counselor hired as an employee by the employer to handle all aspects of the company’s EAP. MORE

In-House Processing Float

Business / Finance / In-House Processing Float: In the context of general equities, keeping an activity within the firm. For example, rather than go to the marketplace and sell a security for a client to anyone, an attempt is made to find a buyer t MORE

In-House Sale

Business / Real Estate / In-House Sale: A sale in which the listing broker is the only broker in the transaction, there is no outside broker involved as in a cooperative sale. Either the listing salesperson finds the buyer, or another sales MORE

Internal Audit

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Internal Audit: The process of conducting an in-house examination of one or more of an organization’s processes, functions, programs, etc. MORE


Business / Finance / AMTEL: Used in context of general equities. In-house message system entered and displayed through Quotron A page. MORE


Technology / Email / Test: A necessary step before sending an email campaign or newsletter. Many email clients permit you to send a test email before sending a regular email newsletter or solo mailing, in which you would send o MORE