In Competition

Business / Finance / In Competition: Used in the context of general equities. Priced higher than the bid price but lower than the offer price. See: In the middle

Other Words for Competition

Competition Noun Synonyms: contest, match, meet, game, tournament, event, championship
Competition Adjective Synonyms: rivalry, contention, striving, struggle

Minimal Nutritional Value

Business / Agriculture / Minimal Nutritional Value: Refers to foods that may not be sold in competition with the school lunch and breakfast programs. These are foods that USDA has determined contain little if any nutritional value. For example, sugar c MORE

Competitive Foods (In Meal Service)

Business / Agriculture / Competitive Foods (In Meal Service): Foods that may be regulated for sale in competition with the school lunch and breakfast programs under provisions of the National School Lunch Act. MORE

Out-Of-Favor Industry Or Stock

Business / Finance / Out-Of-Favor Industry Or Stock: An unpopular industry or stock that usually has a low price-earnings ratio. MORE

Outbound Link

Business / Internet Marketing / Outbound Link: A link to a site outside of your site. MORE

Out Of Print

Business / Finance / Out Of Print: Not open on the print. See: Clean. MORE

Out Of Line

Business / Finance / Out Of Line: A stock price that is too high or too low in comparison with similar-quality stocks in the same industry, according to its price/earnings ratio. MORE