In Play

Business / Finance / In Play: Used in the context of general equities. Firm indicating control of a bid, offer, or order.

Other Words for Play

Play Adjective Synonyms: amuse oneself, frolic, frisk, cavort, gambol, caper, sport, have fun, have a good time, enjoy oneself, disport (oneself), carouse
Play Verb Synonyms: engage, contend with, compete with or against, challenge, vie with, pit oneself against, take on, rival
Play Noun Synonyms: amusement, frivolity, entertainment, recreation, fun, pleasure, sport, merrymaking, revelry, tomfoolery, horseplay, skylarking, monkey business, monkey tricks or monkeyshines

Foul Line

Entertainment / Baseball / Foul Line: Lines extending from home plate through 1st and 3rd base to the outfield fence and perpendicularly upwards. These lines are considered in play. MORE

Ineligible Receiver

Entertainment / Football / Ineligible Receiver: Certain players on the offense are not allowed to catch passes. For example, in most situations offensive linemen cannot be receivers and they may cause their team to be penalized if they catch the ba MORE

Infield Fly Rule

Entertainment / Baseball / Infield Fly Rule: On the infield fly rule the umpire is to rule whether the ball could ordinarily have been handled by an infielder not by some arbitrary limitation such as the grass, or the base lines. The umpire's ju MORE

Bumper Bowling

Entertainment / Bowling / Bumper Bowling: To help children keep the ball in play and on the lane, manufacturers have developed a system of either placing an inflated bumper into the gutters, or a mechanical bouncy wall that prevents a ball fr MORE

Line Of Scrimmage

Entertainment / Football / Line Of Scrimmage: One of two vertical planes parallel to the goal line when the ball is to be put in play by scrimmage. For each team in American football, the line of scrimmage is through the point of the ball closest MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Overswing: 1. To swing too hard to the point of negatively affecting the result 2. Too long a backswing, usually thought of in terms of well beyond the point of the club's shaft being horizontal or parallel wit MORE