Inactive Post

Business / Finance / Inactive Post: Asset not used in a productive manner at all times.

Other Words for Inactive

Inactive Adjective Synonyms: passive, placid, quiet, tranquil, quiescent, serene, peaceful, pacific, resting, unmoving, motionless, immobile, immobilized, still, inert, lifeless, inanimate, sluggish, listless, lethargic, lackadaisical, languid, indolent, lazy, torpid, somnolent, idle

Other Words for Post

Post Verb Synonyms: place, put, station, assign, appoint, position, situate, set, locate
Post Adverb Synonyms: pole, stake, upright, column, pillar, pale, picket, shaft, standard, newel, pier, pylon, pile, piling, strut, shore, stanchion, leg, prop, stay, support, brace
Post Noun Synonyms: assignment, appointment, position, situation, job, place, duty, role, function, employment, work, task, chore

Postal Account

Business / Debt / Postal Account: A personal account is a building society account in which all transactions are conducted via post. In some cases a pass book is used to record deposits and withdrawals although societies are increasin MORE

Postage Stamp

Entertainment / Golf / Postage Stamp: ('postage stamp green') a green with a particularly small surface area presenting a demanding target MORE

Post-Trade Processing

Business / Taxes / Post-Trade Processing: Each securities transaction goes through post-trade processing during which the details of the trade are compared, cleared, and settled. This involves matching the details of the buy order with those MORE

Posted County Price (PCP)

Business / Agriculture / Posted County Price (PCP): This price is calculated for wheat and feed grains for each county by the Farm Service Agency. The PCP reflects changes in prices in major terminal grain markets (of which there are 18 in the country) MORE


Health / First Aid / Posterior: Back of the body. MORE


Entertainment / Basketball / Posterize: Verb; to embarrass an opponent or rival by dunking over him, or by taking advantage of a lapse on his part. For example, a player may attempt to block a dunk but fail (due to the defensive play of his MORE