Independent Broker

Business / Finance / Independent Broker: A certified public accountant operating outside the company who can provide an accountant's opinion.

Other Words for Broker

Broker Noun Synonyms: stockbroker, agent, dealer, middleman, intermediary, go-between, stockjobber

Other Words for Independent

Independent Adjective Synonyms: self-reliant, self-sufficient, self-assured, (self-)confident, bold, individualistic, competent
Independent Noun Synonyms: free, self-governing, autonomous, sovereign

Independent Variable

Science / Chemistry / Independent Variable: An independent variable that can be set to a known value in an experiment. Several independent variables may be controlled in an experiment. For example, in an experiment where the vapor pressure of a MORE

Independent Tour

Life Style / Travel / Independent Tour: An unescorted tour sold through agents to individuals. For one price, the client receives air travel, accommodation, attraction admissions and typically, car rental. MORE

Independent Telephone Network (ITN)

Technology / Cell Phones / Independent Telephone Network (ITN): Companies not affiliated with the local telephone companies. MORE

Industrial Broker

Business / Real Estate / Industrial Broker: A real estate broker who specializes in brokering industrial real estate. MORE

Institutional Broker

Business / Finance / Institutional Broker: Computerized subscriber service that serves as a vehicle for the fourth market. 'Instinet' is registered with the SEC As a stock exchange it numbers among its subscribers a large number of mutual fund MORE

Insurance Broker

Business / Finance / Insurance Broker: The insurance company representative and adviser who sells insurance policies. MORE