Business / Finance / Indicator: A dealer's or investor's interest in purchasing (not commitment to buy) securities that are still in the underwriting stage and are being registered by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Other Words for Indicator

Indicator Noun Synonyms: pointer, needle, gauge, meter, display

Redox Indicator

Science / Chemistry / Redox Indicator: An organic molecule that has reduced and oxidized forms with different colors; interconversion of the reduced and oxidized forms of the indicator must be reversible. Ferroin is an example. MORE

Range Height Indicator (RHI)

Technology / Radar / Range Height Indicator (RHI): A range height indicator (rhi) is a radar display that represents the height of the target on the vertical axis, and uses the horizontal axis of the rhi to represent the target range. MORE

Indicator Diagram

Science / Chemistry / Indicator Diagram: A plot of pressure vs. Volume. Lines or curves on the indicator diagram represent processes. The areas under curves on the indicator diagram are equal to the work released by the process. MORE

Universal Indicator

Science / Chemistry / Universal Indicator: A universal indicator is an indicator which undergoes several color changes over a wide range of ph. The color is used to 'indicate' ph directly. Universal indicators are usually mixtures of several i MORE

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Key Performance Indicators (KPI): Key Performance Indicators are quantifiable, specific measures of an organization’s performance in a certain area(s) of its business. . The purpose of KPI’s is to provide the company with quantifi MORE

Overbought-Oversold Indicator

Business / Finance / Overbought-Oversold Indicator: An indicator that attempts to define when prices have moved too far and too fast in either direction and thus are vulnerable to reaction. MORE