Initial Filing

Business / Finance / Initial Filing: The time it takes the receiver of a check to process a payment and deposit it in a bank for collection.

Other Words for Initial

Initial Adjective Synonyms: original, primary, first, prime, beginning, incipient, inaugural, opening, introductory, commencing

Initial Rate

Business / Real Estate / Initial Rate: The inital rate charged to a borrower for the first adjustment period of an adjustable rate mortgage. MORE

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Business / Finance / Initial Public Offering (IPO): When buying securities on margin, the proportion of the total market value of the securities that the investor must pay for in cash. The Security Exchange Act of 1934 gives the Board of Governors of t MORE

Initial Margin Requirement

Business / Finance / Initial Margin Requirement: (1) Amount of money deposited by both buyers and sellers of futures contracts to ensure performance of the terms of the contract; (2) amount of cash or eligible securities required to be deposited wit MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Initialism: Any word, whether an acronym or an alphabetism, formed from the first letters of other words. See discussion under acronym for more information. MORE

Physician Profiling

Health / Health Insurance / Physician Profiling: In the context of a pharmacy benefit plan, the process of compiling data on physician prescribing patterns and comparing physicians' actual prescribing patterns to expected patterns within select drug MORE

Subscriber Profiling

Technology / Cell Phones / Subscriber Profiling: Compiling subscriber usage information (such as frequency of calls, locations called to or from and monthly airtime usage), to identify potentially fraudulent use or to identify customers likely to te MORE