Inside Market

Business / Finance / Inside Market: Used in the context of general equities. In-line expression of interest in a particular stock, usually asking the firm to bid for or offer stock.

Other Words for Inside

Inside Verb Synonyms: interior, centre, core, middle, heart, contents, lining, backing
Inside Adverb Synonyms: within, inside of
Inside Adjective Synonyms: fundamentally, basically, at bottom, by nature
Inside Noun Synonyms: favoured, advantageous, favorable, advantaged, privileged, preferred, preferential, propitious, exclusive, internal, private, secret, confidential, privy, clandestine

Other Words for Market

Market Noun Synonyms: demand, customer base, call
Market Adjective Synonyms: shop, store, bazaar, supermarket, superstore
Market Verb Synonyms: market-place, exchange, Stock Exchange

Bidding Through The Market

Business / Finance / Bidding Through The Market: In the context of general equities, aggressive willingness to purchase a security at a premium to the inside market. Contrast with bidding buyer. MORE

Away From The Market

Business / Finance / Away From The Market: In context of general equities, out of line with the inside market at this time, such as when a bid on a limit order is lower or the offer price is higher than the current market price for the securit MORE

Outside Market

Business / Finance / Outside Market: Used in the context of general equities. Outside the inside market (above the lowest offering and below the highest bid). MORE

Marketable Securities

Business / Finance / Marketable Securities: Securities that can readily be converted into cash, including government securities, bankers' acceptances, and commercial paper. MORE

Market-On-Close (MOC) Order

Business / Finance / Market-On-Close (MOC) Order: An order to trade stocks, options, or futures as close as possible to the market close. MORE


Business / Finance / Marketability: A negotiable security is said to have good marketability if there is an active secondary market in which it can easily be resold. MORE