Interest Equalization Tax

Business / Finance / Interest Equalization Tax: An interest expense, such as interest on a margin account, that is allowed as a deduction for tax purposes.

Other Words for Interest

Interest Adjective Synonyms: concern, significance, importance, weight, moment, note, consequence
Interest Noun Synonyms: attention, attentiveness, concern, regard, curiosity, scrutiny, notice, engagement

Other Words for Tax

Tax Adjective Synonyms: levy, impost, duty, tariff, assessment, tribute, toll, excise, customs, charge, contribution, scot, tithe, octroi, cess, rate(s), dues
Tax Noun Synonyms: assess, exact, demand, charge, impose or levy a tax (on), tithe


Business / Finance / Surtax: Related: Asset management MORE

Stated Rate Of Interest

Business / Accounting / Stated Rate Of Interest: The rate of interest printed on the bond. MORE

Stated Annual Interest Rate

Business / Finance / Stated Annual Interest Rate: A bank authorized in a specific state by a state-based charter, with generally the same functions as a national bank. MORE


Technology / Computers / Syntax: Grammatical structuring of data using a special code that defines how this special code is used to form words, phrases or any other allowable constraint. MORE

Syntaxic Mode

Science / Psychiatry / Syntaxic Mode: The mode of perception that forms whole, logical, coherent pictures of reality that can be validated by others. MORE

Tax And Loan Account

Business / Finance / Tax And Loan Account: A tax on imports or exports. MORE