Interest Expense

Business / Finance / Interest Expense: Tax on foreign investment by residents of the U.S. which was abolished in 1974.

Other Words for Expense

Expense Noun Synonyms: detriment, sacrifice, cost, loss, impairment, ruin, destruction

Other Words for Interest

Interest Noun Synonyms: attention, attentiveness, concern, regard, curiosity, scrutiny, notice, engagement
Interest Adjective Synonyms: concern, significance, importance, weight, moment, note, consequence

Non-Operating Expense

Business / Finance / Non-Operating Expense: Expenses not related to the ongoing operations of a company; for example, interest expense, one-time events, and taxes. MORE

Interest Coverage Test

Business / Finance / Interest Coverage Test: The ratio of earnings before interest and taxes to annual interest expense. This ratio measures a firm's ability to pay interest. MORE

Earnings Before Interest And, Taxes (EBIT)

Business / Finance / Earnings Before Interest And, Taxes (EBIT): Net income before income tax expense and interest expense. This is a popular measure for comparing the earning power of companies, because it eliminates the impact of capital structure and effective t MORE

Interest Equalization Tax

Business / Finance / Interest Equalization Tax: An interest expense, such as interest on a margin account, that is allowed as a deduction for tax purposes. MORE

Times Interest Earned Ratio

Business / Accounting / Times Interest Earned Ratio: Ratio that indicates the company's margin above the fixed interest charged to be paid to creditors: calculated by dividing income before interest and income taxes by interest expense. MORE

Interest Income

Business / Finance / Interest Income: Interest expense is the money the corporation or individual pays out in interest on loans. MORE