Interest On Interest

Business / Finance / Interest On Interest: Money received by a business in exchange for the use of capital for a specified time period. On the income statement, 'Interest Expense (Income)' is a single account that is the net amount of interest income and interest expense.

Other Words for Interest

Interest Noun Synonyms: attention, attentiveness, concern, regard, curiosity, scrutiny, notice, engagement
Interest Adjective Synonyms: concern, significance, importance, weight, moment, note, consequence


Life Style / Coffee / Oniony: Has a flavor of onions. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Onlay: A cast gold or porcelain filling that covers one or all of the tooth's cusps. MORE

Onion Skin

Health / Fitness / Onion Skin: Slang denoting skin with very low percentage of subcutaneous fat, which helps to accentuate muscularity. MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Oneiromancy: The belief that dreams could predict the future, or the act of predicting the future by analyzing dreams. Elements of oneiromantic belief may have influenced the genre of medieval dream visions, espec MORE

One-Way Market

Business / Finance / One-Way Market: (1) A market in which only one side, the bid or asked, is quoted or firm. (2) A market that is moving strongly in one direction. MORE


Business / Internet Marketing / Online: It's where you are right now -- and where the rest of the world is heading to get its information and entertainment, to communicate and buy products and services. MORE