Investment Club

Business / Finance / Investment Club: A group of people who combine their money into a larger pool, then invest collectively in stocks and bonds, making decisions as a group.

Other Words for Club

Club Verb Synonyms: cudgel, bat, bludgeon, mace, billy, truncheon, baton, staff, stick, cosh, blackjack
Club Noun Synonyms: association, society, organization, fraternity, sorority, fellowship, brotherhood, sisterhood, federation, union, guild, lodge, alliance, league, order, consortium, company

Moodys Investment Grade

Business / Finance / Moodys Investment Grade: A rating of one through four assigned by Moody's Investor Service to municipal short-term bonds. MORE

More Club

Entertainment / Golf / More Club: (also 'club up') using a longer, less lofted club MORE

Monthly Investment Plan

Business / Finance / Monthly Investment Plan: A plan in which a certain amount is invested each month in order to benefit from dollar cost averaging. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Misclub: Choosing the wrong club (usually associated with good execution but an incorrect distance result) MORE

Leveraged Investment Company

Business / Finance / Leveraged Investment Company: An investment company or mutual fund entitled to borrow capital for its operations. Also, an investment company that issues both income shares and capital shares. MORE

Long-Term Investment

Business / Accounting / Long-Term Investment: An expenditure to acquire a non-operating asset that is expected to increase in value or generate income for longer than 1 year. MORE