Business / Finance / Investor: The owner of a financial asset.

Hands-On Investor

Business / Finance / Hands-On Investor: An investor who has a large stake in a company, but does not wish to play an active role in the management of the corporation. MORE

Institutional Investor

Business / Taxes / Institutional Investor: Institutional investors buy and sell securities in large volume, typically 10,000 or more shares of stock, or bonds worth $200,000 or more, in a single transaction. In most cases, the investors are or MORE

Nonaccredited Investor

Business / Finance / Nonaccredited Investor: Wealthy, sophisticated investors who do not meet SEC net worth requirements. These investors require less protection because of large financial resources, but only 35 nonaccredited investor can be inc MORE

Investor Fallout

Business / Finance / Investor Fallout: In the mortgage pipeline, risk that occurs when the originator commits loan terms to the borrowers and gets commitments from investors at the time of application, or if both sets of terms are made at MORE

Accredited Investor

Business / Finance / Accredited Investor: Refers to a wealthy investor (net worth $7 million or annual income >200,000) who does not count to the maximum of 35 people allowed to invest in a private limited partnership. MORE

Investor Relations

Business / Finance / Investor Relations: The process by which the corporation communicates with its investors. MORE