Business / Finance / J: Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol specifying the issue is the voting stock of the company.


Technology / Aviation / Scramjet: Acronym for supersonic combustion ramjet, in which combustion occurs at supersonic air velocities through the engine. MORE

Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)

Business / Finance / Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE): Established in 1886, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange is the only stock exchange in South Africa. Gold and mining stocks form the majority of shares listed. MORE


Technology / Aviation / Turbojet: An aircraft having a jet engine in which the energy of the jet operates a turbine that in turn operates the air compressor. MORE

Bai Jiu

Entertainment / Liquor / Bai Jiu: Bai jiu is a Chinese liquor. Bai means 'white' (or in this case: clear), and jiu means 'liquor'. Like soju, a Korean whisky, in its broadest sense, it covers ALL distilled, clear liquors. In China, i MORE

Risk-Adjusted Performance

Business / Taxes / Risk-Adjusted Performance: When you evaluate an investment's risk-adjusted performance, you aren't looking simply at its straight performance figures but at those figures in relation to how much risk you'd be taking to get the MORE

Closed Head Injury

Health / First Aid / Closed Head Injury: Closed head injury results in swelling or bleeding within the skull, which can lead to brain damage or death. MORE