Jonestown Defense

Business / Finance / Jonestown Defense: An extreme defensive tactic employed by the management of a target corporation to prevent a hostile takeover. The defensive tactics are so extreme that they typically lead to the destruction of the target corporation. See: Suicide.

Other Words for Defense

Defense Noun Synonyms: shelter, protection, cover, guard, safeguard, shield

Nickel Defense

Entertainment / Football / Nickel Defense: When a defense brings in a 5th defensive back to replace a linebacker on the field, increasing its pass coverage. MORE

Prevent Defense

Entertainment / Football / Prevent Defense: A defensive strategy that utilizes deep zone coverage in order to prevent a big pass play from happening down field, usually at the expense of giving up yards at shorter distances. Often used against MORE

Man-To-Man Defense

Entertainment / Basketball / Man-To-Man Defense: The defense mandatory in the NBA, where each defensive player is responsible for guarding one opponent. MORE

Macaroni Defense

Business / Finance / Macaroni Defense: A tactic used by a corporation that is the target of a hostile takeover bid involving the issue of a large number of bonds that must be redeemed at a higher value if the company is taken over. MORE

Left Defenseman

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Left Defenseman: This is a player who plays along the left side of the rink on defense. MORE

Quarter Defense

Entertainment / Football / Quarter Defense: Defensive formation with seven defensive backs, three down linemen and one linebacker. MORE