Business / Finance / K: Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol specifying the issue has no voting rights.

Blank Skip

Technology / Home Audio / Blank Skip: A cassette feature that automatically detects blank areas of the tape over a set number of seconds in length and activates Fast Forward, until either the end of the tape, or audio information is reach MORE

Rim Lock

Technology / Motorcycle / Rim Lock: Rim locks are used to prevent tires from slipping around motorcycle rims. They are primarily used on off-road bikes and/or any application using low tire pressure for enhancing off-road traction. Aggr MORE

Rat Bike

Technology / Motorcycle / Rat Bike: A rat bike is a bike that is usually unkempt and is loaded with all sorts of luggage, tools, tents, bedrolls, flags, pots and pans, clothes, jackets, etc. You can't miss a rat bike. It has everything MORE

Back Plate

Technology / Home Audio / Back Plate: The part of the woofers metal Basket or frame on which the Magnet structure is mounted. MORE

In-Network Provider

Health / Dentistry / In-Network Provider: Any health care provider (physician, hospital, etc.) that belongs to a CIGNA network. Staying in-network gives members the advantage of significant discounts, helping to stretch their account dollars MORE

Tank Bag

Technology / Motorcycle / Tank Bag: A piece of luggage that mounts on top of the gas tank of a bike. Sometimes contains a clear plastic top where route directions can be viewed by the rider without stopping. MORE