Business / Finance / Kicker: An additional feature of a debt obligation that increases its marketability and attractiveness to investors.

Equity Kicker

Business / Finance / Equity Kicker: An investment consisting of a life insurance policy and a mutual fund. The insurance policy is paid by the collateral value of fund shares, give the investor the advantages of insurance protection wit MORE

Kicker (K)

Entertainment / Football / Kicker (K): Player who specializes in placekicking (i.e. Field goals and kick offs). MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Steal: Attempting to advance a base between pitches without the batter hitting the ball or getting a base on balls. MORE

Punter (P)

Entertainment / Football / Punter (P): A kicker who specializes in punting as opposed to place kicking. MORE

Automatic First Down

Entertainment / Football / Automatic First Down: For several of the most severe fouls against the defensive team, a first down is awarded to the offensive team even if the result of the penalty does not advance the ball beyond the line to gain. In t MORE

Starting Lineup

Entertainment / Fantasy Football / Starting Lineup: Most basic leagues will start one quarterback, two running backs, two or three receivers and/or one tight end, one kicker and one defense. Leagues can determine the number of starters and include a 'f MORE