Business / Finance / Large-Cap: A stock with a high level of capitalization, usually at least $5 billion market value.

Large-Capitalization (Large-Cap) Stock

Business / Taxes / Large-Capitalization (Large-Cap) Stock: The stock of companies with market capitalizations of $10 billion or more is known as large-cap stock. Market capitalization is figured by multiplying the number of either the outstanding or the float MORE

Thinly Traded

Business / Taxes / Thinly Traded: A particular stock, sector, or market is said to be thinly traded if transactions occur only infrequently, and there are a limited number of interested buyers and sellers. Prices of thinly traded secu MORE

Equity Fund

Business / Taxes / Equity Fund: Equity funds invest primarily in stock. The stock a fund buys — whether in small, up-and-coming companies or large, well-established firms — depends on the fund's investment objectives and managem MORE


Business / Finance / Contrarian: In the context of general equities, stock that tends to go against the trend of the market as a whole, such as a commodities-related stock or one in an industry out of favor with investors in a bull m MORE


Business / Accounting / Diversification: The process of spreading assets among different investments to reduce the risk of a decline in value of an investor’s total portfolio from a decline in any one investment. MORE

Russell 1000 Index

Business / Taxes / Russell 1000 Index: This capitalization-weighted index, published by the Frank Russell Company of Tacoma, Washington, tracks the 1000 largest stocks that are included in the Russell® 3000 Index and represents approximat MORE