Lead Underwriter

Business / Finance / Lead Underwriter: The head of a syndicate of financial firms that are sponsoring an initial public offering of securities or a secondary offering of securities. Could also apply to bond issues.

Other Words for Lead

Lead Verb Synonyms: come or be or go first, excel, surpass, exceed, precede, be ahead (of), outstrip, distance, outrun, outdo
Lead Adjective Synonyms: conduct, escort,her, guide, show the way, pilot, steer
Lead Noun Synonyms: direction, guidance, leadership, precedent, example, model, exemplar, pattern, standard

Leading Shoe

Technology / Motorcycle / Leading Shoe: A type of drum brake mechanism. The "leading" brake shoe is applied in the direction of the drum rotation. This can either be a single leading shoe or a double (twin) leading shoe design and refers to MORE

Leading The Market

Business / Finance / Leading The Market: In the context of general equities, this is a stock or group of stocks moving with the market as a whole, but moving in advance of the general market. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Leadoff: The first player in the team's lineup. MORE

Leadoff Man

Entertainment / Bowling / Leadoff Man: The first bowler for a team. MORE

Leading Note

Entertainment / Music / Leading Note: The seventh note of the scale where there is a strong desire to resolve on the tonic. MORE

Leading Link

Technology / Motorcycle / Leading Link: Front motorcycle suspension design in which the axle is mounted at the front end of two short links that pivot at the bottom of solid forks. The links are sprung to control movement. A long leading-li MORE