Legal Bankruptcy

Business / Finance / Legal Bankruptcy: A legal proceeding for liquidating or reorganizing a business.

Other Words for Legal

Legal Noun Synonyms: lawful, licit, statutory, acceptable, permissible, permitted, admissible, authorized

Legal List

Business / Finance / Legal List: A list of high-quality debt and equity securities chosen by a state agency that are acceptable holdings for fiduciary institutions. MORE

Legal Monopoly

Business / Finance / Legal Monopoly: A government-regulated firm that is legally entitled to be the only company offering a particular service in a particular area. MORE

Legal Opinion

Business / Finance / Legal Opinion: A statement, usually written by a specialized law firm, required for a new municipal bond issue stating that the issue is legally acceptable. MORE

Legal Life Estate

Business / Real Estate / Legal Life Estate: A legal life estate is not created voluntarily by an owner. Rather, it is a form of life estate established by state law. It becomes effective automatically when certain events occur. MORE

Legal Investments

Business / Finance / Legal Investments: Investments that a regulated entity is permitted to make under the rules and regulations that govern its conduct. MORE

Legal Description

Business / Real Estate / Legal Description: A description of a specific parcel of real estate complete enough for an independent surveyor to locate and identify it. MORE