Legal Defeasance

Business / Finance / Legal Defeasance: The deposit of cash and permitted securities, as specified in the bond indenture, into an irrevocable trust sufficient to enable the issuer to fully discharge its obligations under the bond indenture.

Other Words for Legal

Legal Noun Synonyms: lawful, licit, statutory, acceptable, permissible, permitted, admissible, authorized

Legal Life Estate

Business / Real Estate / Legal Life Estate: A legal life estate is not created voluntarily by an owner. Rather, it is a form of life estate established by state law. It becomes effective automatically when certain events occur. MORE

Legal List

Business / Finance / Legal List: A list of high-quality debt and equity securities chosen by a state agency that are acceptable holdings for fiduciary institutions. MORE

Legal Investments

Business / Finance / Legal Investments: Investments that a regulated entity is permitted to make under the rules and regulations that govern its conduct. MORE

Legal Guardian

Life Style / Adoption / Legal Guardian: Any person who can make legal decisions for a minor child. MORE

Legal Description

Business / Real Estate / Legal Description: A description of a specific parcel of real estate complete enough for an independent surveyor to locate and identify it. MORE

Legal Entity

Business / Finance / Legal Entity: A person or organization that can legally enter into a contract, and may therefore be sued for failure to comply with the terms of the contract. MORE