Legal List

Business / Finance / Legal List: A list of high-quality debt and equity securities chosen by a state agency that are acceptable holdings for fiduciary institutions.

Other Words for Legal

Legal Noun Synonyms: lawful, licit, statutory, acceptable, permissible, permitted, admissible, authorized

Other Words for List

List Verb Synonyms: lean, tilt, slant, heel, tip, cant, slope, inclination
List Noun Synonyms: listing, roster, roll, rota, catalogue, directory, register, index, record, schedule, muster, slate, beadroll, laundry list, shopping list, inventory, file, tabulation, bibliography, liber veritatis, catalogue raisonn‚

Approved List

Business / Finance / Approved List: A list of equities and other investments that a financial institution or mutual fund is approved to make. See: Legal list. MORE

Minimalist Music

Entertainment / Music / Minimalist Music: Contemporary musical style featuring the repetition of short melodic, rhythmic and harmonic patterns with little variation. See also spiritual minimalism. MORE

Most Active List

Business / Finance / Most Active List: The stocks with the highest volume of trading on a certain day. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Motorcyclist: A Motorcyclist is one who rides a motorcycle or bike. The similar term Biker brings up a different image to most people. There is not as much of a lifestyle change associated with the term Motorcyclis MORE

Memo List

Technology / Home Audio / Memo List: A Custom File feature that allows the user to toggle through the discs, selection titles, or station call letters currently loaded without interrupting playback of the existing disc or station. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Medalist: The player in a stroke play, or medal play, competition with the fewest strokes/lowest score, the winner MORE