Business / Finance / Lend: To provide money temporarily on the condition that it or its equivalent will be returned, often with an interest fee.

Other Words for Lend

Lend Adjective Synonyms: make a loan of, loan, advance

Gregorian Calendar

Science / Astrology / Gregorian Calendar: The calendar now used internationally, devised by Pope Gregory in the 1580s to replace the Julian calendar, which by then had accumulated a ten-day discrepancy with the solar year. Most, but not all, MORE

Multi-Lender Environment

Business / Loan / Multi-Lender Environment: Numerous lending institution sharing the same site and information to provide instant financing to small businesses. MORE

Truth-In-Lending Law

Business / Real Estate / Truth-In-Lending Law: A body of federal law effective July 1969 as part of the Consumer Credit Protection Act, and implemented by the Federal Reserve Boards Regulation Z. It was amended in 1982 by the Truth-in-Lending Simp MORE

Truth In Lending Disclosure Statement

Business / Loan / Truth In Lending Disclosure Statement: This is a very important document that federal law requires for all consumer loans.] It provides key information to enable borrowers to shop around and compare loan terms from various lenders. MORE

Julian Calendar

Science / Tides and Currents / Julian Calendar: A calendar introduced by Julius Caesar in the year 45 B.C., and slightly modified by Augustus a few years later. This calendar provided that the common year should consist of 365 days and that every f MORE

Lender Paid Compensation To Broker

Business / Loan / Lender Paid Compensation To Broker: This is also called the Yield Spread Premium. Fee which the lender pays to the mortgage broker for obtaining the loan for his client. MORE