Business / Finance / Lien: A security interest in one or more assets that lenders hold in exchange for secured debt financing.

Junior Lien-Mortgage

Business / Real Estate / Junior Lien-Mortgage: An obligation, such as a second mortgage, that is subordinate in right or lien priority to an existing lien (senior loan) on the same real estate. MORE

Tax Lien

Business / Finance / Tax Lien: The amount in taxes a taxpayer to the government. MORE

Alienation Clause

Business / Real Estate / Alienation Clause: A provision sometimes found in a promissory note or mortgage that provides that the balance of the secured debt becomes immediately due and payable at the option of the mortgagee upon the alienation o MORE

Involuntary Lien

Business / Real Estate / Involuntary Lien: A lien placed on property without the consent of the property owner. MORE

Corporation Franchise Tax Lien

Business / Real Estate / Corporation Franchise Tax Lien: State governments generally levy a corporation franchise tax on corporations as a condition of allowing them to do business in the state. Such a tax is a general statutory involuntary lien on all real MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Alienation: The estrangement felt in a setting one views as foreign, unpredictable, or unacceptable. For example, in depersonalization phenomena, feelings of unreality or strangeness produce a sense of alienatio MORE