Business / Finance / Lifted: Refers to over-the-counter trading. Having an offer taken in a stock, followed by the market maker raising the offer price.

Lifted Index (LI)

Science / Weather / Lifted Index (LI): A measure of atmospheric instability that is obtained by computing the temperature that the air near the ground would have if it were lifted to a higher level and comparing it to the actual temperatur MORE

Wave-Cut Terrace

Science / Geology / Wave-Cut Terrace: A level surface formed by wave erosion of coastal bedrock to the bottom of the turbulent breaker zone. May appear above sea level if uplifted. MORE

Rock Cycle

Science / Geology / Rock Cycle: The geologic cycle, with emphasis on the rocks produced: sedimentary rocks are metamorphosed to metamorphic rocks, or melted to create igneous rocks, and all rocks may be uplifted and eroded to make s MORE

Geomorphic Cycle

Science / Geology / Geomorphic Cycle: An idealized model of erosion wherein a plain is uplifted epeirogenically, then dissected by rapid streams (youth), then rounded by d0wnslope movements into a landscape of steep hills (maturity), and MORE

Youth (Geomorphology)

Science / Geology / Youth (Geomorphology): A stage in the geomorphic cycle in which a landscape has just been uplifted and is beginning to be dissected by canyons cut by young streams. MORE

Dead Lift

Health / Fitness / Dead Lift: One of three power lifting events (other two are squat and bench press). Weight is lifted off floor to approximately waist height. Lifter must stand erect, shoulders back. MORE