Lifting A Leg

Business / Finance / Lifting A Leg: Closing out one side of a long-short arbitrage before the other is closed.

Other Words for Leg

Leg Adjective Synonyms: support, brace, prop, upright, standard, column, pillar
Leg Noun Synonyms: limb, member, pin, peg, stump, gam


Business / Finance / Leg: A prolonged trend in stock market prices, such as a multiple-period bull market; or, an option that is one side of a spread transaction. See: Lifting a leg. MORE


Business / Finance / Parameter: A model is a combination of variables, such as GDP growth, and coefficients which multiply these variables. The coefficients are often estimated from the data. The coefficients are called parameters. MORE


Health / First Aid / Paramedic: Paramedics provide advanced life support to victims. Paramedics may work in the emergency department, fire department, public gatherings and factories. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Paramagnetism: Paramagnetic materials are attracted to a magnetic field due to the presence of least one unpaired spin in their atoms or molecules. MORE

Parametric Equalizer

Technology / Home Audio / Parametric Equalizer: A multi-band equalizer enabeling control of at least three essential 'parameters' of the internal bandpass filter sections. These parameters being: amplitude, center frequency and bandwidth. This allo MORE


Health / Yoga / Paramatma : The supreme atma: God. MORE