Listing Broker

Business / Finance / Listing Broker: In the context of equity, when a stock is traded in exchange it is said to be listed. A licensed real estate broker who completes a listing of a property for sale.

Other Words for Broker

Broker Noun Synonyms: stockbroker, agent, dealer, middleman, intermediary, go-between, stockjobber

Multiple-Listing Clause

Business / Real Estate / Multiple-Listing Clause: A provision in an exclusive listing for the authority and obligation on the part of the listing broker to distribute the listing to other brokers in the multiple-listing organization. MORE

Cooperating Broker Fee Agreement

Business / Real Estate / Cooperating Broker Fee Agreement: An agreement between brokers specifying the commission split should the cooperating broker sell a property listed by the listing broker. MORE

Buyers Broker

Business / Real Estate / Buyers Broker: A broker who represents the buyer in a fiduciary capacity. Some buyers brokers practice single agency, in which they represent either buyers or sellers, but never both in the same transaction. Some bu MORE

Cooperating Broker

Business / Real Estate / Cooperating Broker: A broker who assists another broker in the sale of real property. Usually the cooperating broker is the selling broker who found a buyer for the listing broker. MORE

Exclusive-Authorization-And-Right-To-Sell Listing

Business / Real Estate / Exclusive-Authorization-And-Right-To-Sell Listing: A written listing agreement appointing a broker as the exclusive agent for the sale of property for a specified period of time. The listing broker is entitled to a commission if the property is sold b MORE


Business / Finance / Listing: In the context of real estate, written agreement between a property owner and a real estate broker that gives the broker permission to find a buyer or tenant for some property. See: Listing broker. MORE