Loaned Flat

Business / Finance / Loaned Flat: Securities lent interest-free between brokers to cover customers' short sale positions.

Other Words for Flat

Flat Noun Synonyms: absolutely, completely, categorically, utterly, wholly, uncompromisingly, irrevocably, positively, definitely, directly, exactly, precisely, flatly
Flat Adjective Synonyms: level, horizontal, even, smooth, plane, unbroken, uninterrupted
Flat Adverb Synonyms: room(s), flat, suite (of rooms), chambers, tenement, garden flat, maisonette, penthouse, studio, bedsitter, bedsit, accommodation, living quarters, digs , apartment, furnished room, walk-up, duplex, triplex


Business / Construction / Flatwork: Common word for concrete floors, driveways, basements, and sidewalks. MORE

Flattening The Ball

Entertainment / Bowling / Flattening The Ball: The intentional act of taking power off the ball; often used to throw the ball straighter; usually described as either keeping the wrist behind the ball at the release (no rotation), or even rotating MORE

Fore-and-Aft Flat Twin

Technology / Motorcycle / Fore-and-Aft Flat Twin: A flat-twin engine mounted with cylinders positioned in line with the frame. MORE

GDP Implicit Price Deflator

Business / Finance / GDP Implicit Price Deflator: A market strategy in which investors sell stocks to drive prices to a level that breaks through stop orders known to exist. Once the price is low enough, the stop orders become market orders and are e MORE

Inflation Accounting

Business / Finance / Inflation Accounting: The rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising. MORE


Business / Accounting / Inflation: An increase in the general price level of goods and services: alternatively, a decrease in the purchasing power of the dollar. MORE