Lock In

Business / Finance / Lock In: To ensure that an individual transacts all his or her business with a sole broker by providing superior services, such as accommodating block buy and sell needs or preparing excellent research (soft-dollar lock). This usually guarantees a certain volume of business.

Other Words for Lock

Lock Noun Synonyms: padlock, hasp, bolt, latch, bar, hook, clasp, catch
Lock Verb Synonyms: tress, curl, ringlet

Realized Gain

Business / Taxes / Realized Gain: When you sell an investment for more than you paid, you have a realized gain. For example, if you buy a stock for $20 a share and sell it for $35 a share, you have a realized gain of $15 a share. In c MORE

Chop Block

Entertainment / Football / Chop Block: Similar to a cut block in which one offensive player blocks a defensive player below the knees and another blocks him above the waist. It is illegal to block low if a team mate is already engaged with MORE


Science / Chemistry / Enkephalin: Enkephalins are molecules produced naturally by the central nervous system to numb pain. Enkephalins lock into receptors on the surface of a nerve cell and open ion channels. Ions flow into the cell a MORE

Profit Taking

Business / Finance / Profit Taking: Action by short-term securities traders to cash in on gains created by a sharp market rise, which pushes prices down temporarily but implies an upward market trend. See: Ring the [cash] register. MORE

Contingent Pension Liability

Business / Finance / Contingent Pension Liability: An arrangement in which the money manager pursues an active bond portfolio strategy until an adverse investment experience drives the then-available potential return down to the safety net level. When MORE

Hedging Demands

Business / Finance / Hedging Demands: A strategy designed to reduce investment risk using call options, put options, short-selling, or futures contracts. A hedge can help lock in profits. Its purpose is to reduce the volatility of a portf MORE