Business / Finance / Loophole: A technicality in some legislation or regulation that makes it possible to avoid certain consequences or circumvent a rule without breaking the law, such as in the use of a tax shelter.

Other Words for Loophole

Loophole Noun Synonyms: outlet, way out, means of escape, escape, subterfuge, pretext, evasion, quibble, dodge

Plafond Limité De Classement

Life Style / Wine / Plafond Limité De Classement: An allowance within the French AOC system that allows producers to exceed the official maximum limit on yields by as much as 20% in warm weather years. Critics such as wine writer Tom Stevenson descri MORE

A-11 Offense

Entertainment / Football / A-11 Offense: An offensive philosophy designed to appear as if all 11 players are eligible receivers. The offense exploits a loophole in the American football rulebook to technically make the formation a scrimmage MORE

Tax Evasion

Business / Finance / Tax Evasion: Legislation to increase tax revenue by eliminating various taxation loopholes and instituting tougher enforcement procedures in collecting taxes. MORE