Business / Finance / Low: In the context of general equities, this is a specific minimum limit required by a seller in execution an order ('I'll sell 50 with an eighth low.'); implies a not-held limit order. Antithesis of top.

Other Words for Low

Low Adjective Synonyms: short, squat, little, small, stubby, stumpy, stunted, low-lying


Life Style / Travel / Below: The lower decks of a ship. Saying, 'let's go below and walk aft down the companionway to the tender station,' will impress all your friends. (you'll probably be making the walk alone, however!) MORE

Baggage Allowance

Life Style / Travel / Baggage Allowance: The amount of baggage, generally consisting of the passenger's personal effects, permitted by the cruise line free of charge. The allowance is very generous (and if you reach it, you're packing way to MORE


Business / Construction / Allowance(s) : A sum of money set aside in the construction contract for items which have not been selected and specified in the construction contract. For example, selection of tile as a flooring may require an all MORE

Reconstructed Cash Flow Analysis

Business / Real Estate / Reconstructed Cash Flow Analysis: An estimated cash flow analysis for a rental property, prepared by an agent using accurate property information. Its purpose is to present what the cash flow numbers for the investment property will l MORE

Kilowatt (Kw)

Business / Construction / Kilowatt (Kw): One thousand watts. A kilowatt hour is the base unit used in measuring electrical consumption. Also see watt. MORE

Lower Low Water (LLW)

Science / Tides and Currents / Lower Low Water (LLW): The lowest of the low waters (or single low water) of any specified tidal day due to the declinational effects of the Moon and Sun. MORE