Lump Sum

Business / Finance / Lump Sum: A large one-time payment of money.

Other Words for Lump

Lump Adjective Synonyms: mass, piece, gob, gobbet, clod, chunk, clot, wad, clump, hunk, nugget, cube, wedge, cake

Other Words for Sum

Sum Adjective Synonyms: total, aggregate, grand total, sum total, whole, totality, amount, quantity

Lump-Sum Distribution

Business / Taxes / Lump-Sum Distribution: When you retire, you may have the option of taking the value of your pension, salary reduction, or profit-sharing plan in different ways. For example, you might be able to take your money in a series MORE

Agriculture And Consumer Protection Act Of 1973

Business / Agriculture / Agriculture And Consumer Protection Act Of 1973: P.L. 93-86 (August 10, 1973) was the 4-year farm bill that adopted target prices and deficiency payments as a tool that would support farm income but reduce forfeitures to the Commodity Credit Corpora MORE

Sum Of The Years Digits (SYD)

Business / Finance / Sum Of The Years Digits (SYD): Policies and guidelines that brokers must use to ensure that investors have the financial means to assume risks that they wish to undertake. These are enforced by the NASD and other self-regulatory or MORE

Sum-Of-The-Years-Digits Depreciation

Business / Finance / Sum-Of-The-Years-Digits Depreciation: A method of recording accelerated depreciation. Also called the sum-of-digits method, it allows the depreciation of an asset based on an inverted scale of the total digits of the asset's useful life. MORE


Business / Construction / Slump: The 'wetness' of concrete. A 3 inch slump is dryer and stiffer than a 5 inch slump. MORE


Life Style / Tea / Sumidemae: the arranging of charcoal in front of the guests MORE