Business / Finance / MUD: A municipal utility district, which is a political subdivision that administers utility-related services, sometimes requiring the issue of special assessment bonds.

Other Words for Mud

Mud Verb Synonyms: muck, ooze, slime, mire, clay, sludge, silt, dirt, gumbo or gombo

Sill Plate (Mudsill)

Business / Construction / Sill Plate (Mudsill): Bottom horizontal member of an exterior wall frame which rests on top a foundation, sometimes called mudsill. Also sole plate, bottom member of an interior wall frame. MORE

Mixed-Use Developments (MUDS)

Business / Real Estate / Mixed-Use Developments (MUDS): MUDs combine office space, stores, theaters and apartment units in a single community. MUDs usually contain and offer laundry facilities, restaurants, food stores, valet shops, beauty parlors, barbers MORE

Bermuda High

Science / Weather / Bermuda High: A semi-permanent, subtropical area of high pressure in the North Atlantic Ocean that migrates east and west with varying central pressure. Depending on the season, it has different names. When it is d MORE

Maha Mudra

Health / Yoga / Maha Mudra : The great gesture - combines the practice of moola bandha, shambhavi and khechari mudras simultaneously. MORE


Health / Yoga / Mudra : Literally means 'gesture' - mudra expresses and channelizes cosmic energy within the mind and body. MORE

Chin Mudra

Health / Yoga / Chin Mudra : Hand gesture in which the first finger is kept at the root of the thumb, the last three fingers are unfolded. MORE