Marginal Utility

Business / Finance / Marginal Utility: The change in total satisfaction as a result of consuming one additional unit of a specific good or service.

Other Words for Marginal

Marginal Noun Synonyms: borderline, minimal, small, slight, negligible, insignificant, tiny, infinitesimal

Utility Player

Entertainment / Baseball / Utility Player: A player who fills in in many positions. MORE

Utility Liens

Business / Real Estate / Utility Liens: Municipalities often have the right to impose a specific, equitable, involuntary lien on the property of an owner who refuses to pay bills for municipal utility services. MORE

Utility Function

Business / Finance / Utility Function: A power company that owns or operates facilities used for the generation, transmission, or distribution of electric energy, which is regulated at state and federal levels. MORE

Utility Easement

Business / Construction / Utility Easement: The area of the earth that has electric, gas, or telephone lines. These areas may be owned by the homeowner, but the utility company has the legal right to enter the area as necessary to repair or ser MORE

Utility Program

Technology / Computers / Utility Program: A program developed to run within an Operating System to perform a specific service. MORE

Utility Revenue Bond

Business / Finance / Utility Revenue Bond: A mathematical expression that assigns a value to all possible choices. In portfolio theory, the utility function expresses the preferences of economic entities with respect to perceived risk and expe MORE