Marking Up Or Down

Business / Finance / Marking Up Or Down: The amount by which a securities dealer raises or lowers the price of a stock or bond due to changes in demand and supply.

Percent Error

Science / Chemistry / Percent Error: The relative error times 100%. MORE

Peoria Scoring System

Entertainment / Golf / Peoria Scoring System: A system of scoring where 6 secret holes are selected, prior to the tournament, and a formula is applied using the scores from those 6 holes to determine a final score (more on tournament formats) MORE

Pension Sponsors

Business / Finance / Pension Sponsors: Organizations that have established a pension plan. MORE

Percentage Order

Business / Finance / Percentage Order: Used for listed equity securities. Market limited price order to buy/sell a specified percentage (usually 50%) of shares traded (sometimes after a fixed number of shares of the stock have already trad MORE

Percolation Test Or Perc. Test

Business / Construction / Percolation Test Or Perc. Test: Tests that a soil engineer performs on earth to determine the feasibility of installing a leech field type sewer system on a lot. A test to determine if the soil on a proposed building lot is capable MORE

Performance Appraisal

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Performance Appraisal: A periodic review and evaluation of an individual's job performance. MORE