Matched Orders

Business / Finance / Matched Orders: Used for listed equity securities. Participate in equal amounts of a trade at a certain price, particularly when two parties have the same level of priority on the exchange floor (this requires standing in the trading crowd).


Science / Biology / Orders: Taxonomic subcategories of classes. MORE

Milk Marketing Orders

Business / Agriculture / Milk Marketing Orders: Administered by the Agricultural Marketing Service, federal milk marketing orders were first instituted in the 1930s to promote orderly marketing conditions by, among other things, applying a uniform MORE

Frequency Matched

Entertainment / Golf / Frequency Matched: Different club shafts that are of consistent flex as measured by a frequency analyzer MORE

Polygenic Disorders

Science / Genetics / Polygenic Disorders: Genetic disorders resulting from the combined action of alleles of more than one gene (e.g., heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers). Although such disorders are inherited, they depend on the simul MORE

Speech and Language Disorders

Life Style / Adoption / Speech and Language Disorders: Impairments of speech or receptive language. Speech disorders usually involved difficulties with articulation which can generally be improved or resolved with speech therapy, usually requiring treatme MORE

Unmatched Book

Business / Finance / Unmatched Book: A cash account held at a brokerage firm. MORE