Business / Finance / Mature: To cease to exist; to expire.

Other Words for Mature

Mature Verb Synonyms: adult, grown (up), full-grown, fully grown, of age, fully fledged, full-fledged, fully developed, matured, experienced, knowledgeable, sophisticated
Mature Adjective Synonyms: ripe, ready, ripened, mellow, aged,' seasoned

Armature Reaction

Technology / Motors / Armature Reaction: The current that flows in the armature winding of a DC motor tends to produce magnetic flux in addition to that produced by the field current. This effect, which reduces the torque capacity, is called MORE

Armature Inductance (Mh)

Technology / Motors / Armature Inductance (Mh): Armature inductance in milli-henries (saturated). MORE

Mature Coffee

Life Style / Coffee / Mature Coffee: Coffee held in warehouses for two to three years. Mature coffee has been held longer than old crop coffee, but not as long as aged or vintage coffee. MORE

Armature Resistance (Ohms)

Technology / Motors / Armature Resistance (Ohms): Armature resistance is measured in ohms at 25f C. (cold) MORE

Armature Current (Amps)

Technology / Motors / Armature Current (Amps): Rated full load armature circuit current. MORE


Technology / Motors / Armature: The portion of the magnetic structure of a DC or universal motor which rotates MORE