Miss The Price-Market

Business / Finance / Miss The Price-Market: Used for listed equity securities. (1) Have an order in hand but fail to execute a transaction on terms favorable to a customer and, thus, be negligent as a broker; (2) receive an order just after a print has transpired.

Other Words for Miss

Miss Noun Synonyms: skip, forgo, absent oneself from, be absent from, fail to keep, avoid, evade, escape, dodge, pass up
Miss Verb Synonyms: long for, yearn for, pine for, feel nostalgia for, be nostalgic for or about, want, need, wish for

Other Words for The

The Adjective Synonyms: drama, the stage, dramaturgy, dramatic or Thespian or histrionic art(s), the boards, show business, showbiz

Random Walk Theory

Business / Taxes / Random Walk Theory: The random walk theory holds that it is futile to try to predict changes in stock prices. Advocates of the theory base their assertion on the belief that stock prices react to information as it become MORE

Rag The Puck

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Rag The Puck: To retain control of the puck, without attempting to score, for a considerable period of time, usually through clever stickhandling; a tactic used to kill time while a team is short-handed or when it MORE

Reading The Defense

Entertainment / Football / Reading The Defense: Recognition by the quarterback of the defensive formation; he may then call an audible to adjust the offense. MORE

Reading The Lane

Entertainment / Bowling / Reading The Lane: Experimentation, usually during practice, to determine the characteristics of a lane. Some lanes are faster than others, some will allow a bigger hook while others will hold the ball back, etc. MORE

Reading The Lanes

Entertainment / Bowling / Reading The Lanes: The process of discovering how your ball reacts on different portions of the lane surface; hopefully, finding the best area to use to maximize strike potential. MORE

Queen Of The Vineyard

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Queen Of The Vineyard: (See Perle von Csaba above). MORE